#OOTD Essie Style: Featuring Rad & Rue


In all honesty I don’t really have anything major to say

but when a girl looks this cute you just gotta post!

IMG_5283 IMG_5298 IMG_5293

Outfit Details:

Hat – Hand-me-down from a friend

Mini Dress:  “Village Vanilla” Mini Dress Rad & Rue

Black Gladiator Sandals:  Fred Meyer (LOL)

Ruffle Jean Skirt:  Value Village

IMG_5288 IMG_5272

Gorgeous Girl!

IMG_5305 IMG_5291 IMG_5228 IMG_5262

Happy Thursday!


They Call Me Mom…

When I was first asked to write about Motherhood I made several failed attempts at writing a profound piece that would leave everyone in awe of my amazing “mothering skills.”  But truth be told I’m no June Cleaver or Carol Brady.  I don’t cook like Rachel Ray or craft like Martha Stewart.  I make macaroni, chicken nuggets and Ramen noodles more often than I’d like to admit.  My toilet seats are constantly covered in “drips” from kids in a hurry.  My floor always needs a good sweeping and sometimes I use the TV for a “babysitter”…Yes I’m THAT mom.  But they call me Mom and they love me for who I am.  So instead of giving you amazing advice, I’m giving you a sneak peek into my daily conversations with the little people who call me “Mom.”



They Call Me Mom Diaries: (the following are some of my favorite FB posts from the last couple years)

March 17, 2011 · Finn just got home from Preschool and informed me that he had a rip in his jeans (of course, I’m thinking in the knee) Nope….in the crotch of his pants! And when I asked how it happened he said “from my crazy dance moves.”

January 30, 2012 · Huxley just asked for something to drink and informed me “Mama…my brain is telling me it wants soda”…so I informed him… “Well…MY brain is telling me you’re getting MILK!” LOL

April 25, 2012 · Not sure what should concern me most….?

1 That I caught Finn and Huxley spying on me while I was changing into PJ’s (still had bra and underwear on)?

2 That I heard Finn tell Huxley…”get closer….it’s even funnier”…?

3 That Finn then proceeded to draw a picture of me changing my clothes…?


4 That the picture was this…?


May 9, 2012 · I found Huck and Finn’s “Boy Cabbage Patch Kids” today and Finn has been carrying them around, feeding them, changing diapers, and bathing them all day. He just walked into the kitchen with both dolls in his hands and said “Gosh, why do I have to carry around these kids all day” (in an adult tone…of course).  By the way, the dolls names are “Flynn and Mighty Eagle!”

May 15, 2012 · Mom of the YEAR! Finn and Huck wanted to take a walk…so I threw them in the single jogger and headed out. I made it about 2 miles when I saw a curb…it was little and I thought I would be able to make it if I just ran a little faster….WRONG! Both kids went flying off the stroller (no one was injured….well maybe my pride). Love it when something like this happens at an intersection in front of numerous people! Amazing!

May 31, 2012 · Good news…Huxley went potty and “wiped” himself! Bad news…he forgot to grab toilet paper!

September 5, 2012 · Listening to Huck and Essie play from the other room and I hear Huck say, “Essie do those eyebrows mean yes?”…anyone who’s been to Uganda knows the answer to this. Love it!

August 25, 2013 ·  Something I actually said out loud to my kids tonight….”If you don’t stop telling your sister to drink the bath water, I’m going to pee in a cup and make YOU drink it”….BTW the boys informed me 5 seconds earlier that THEY had peed in the bathtub…SERIOUSLY?!

November 7, 2013 · Should I be concerned that I overheard Huxley tell his substitute teacher today, ” There’s my Mama….you know…the one with the little brown adopted girl.” LOL

November 8, 2013 · Finn informed me tonight that he and I will dress as Elves for Christmas because we already look like them…

June 4, 2014 · The month of June will always hold a very special place in my heart. It was 2 yrs ago that we left for Uganda to meet a very special little girl. Leaving my sweet boys and traveling to a foreign country wasn’t something I ever thought I would do, but through a miracle only God could orchestrate I ended up in Uganda for 2 months. Thankfully I was lucky enough to bring back a beautiful reminder of God’s grace and mercy that I get to see every day. So thankful for you sweet Essie, you (like my boys) are an absolute gift from God.


June 5, 2014 · In the car today… Me: Huxley do you think Essie is pretty?  Huxley: Who wouldn’t?

July 9, 2014 · Today Essie was chatting with my sister and I…and she casually said “Mama and Papa get me from Africa”…she then walks over to me and says “Thank You Mama”….sweetest thing EVER!!!!

September 16, 2014 · So last night I’m taking a bath when Huxley barges in…

Huxley : Mama I really need to poop.

Me: Huxley please go in the downstairs bathroom.

Huxley: Uh…it’s kind of creepy down there.

Me: (sigh) fine, just go in this bathroom (I close the shower curtain) …30 seconds later

Huxley: Okay Mama…it’s gonna start to stink now…

November 12, 2014 · Today as I’m cutting Huxley’s hair…

Huxley: ” Mama…do they have contest for having the prettiest hair?”

Me: “Not sure Huck…why do you ask?”

Huxley: “Because you would win!”

Me: “Awe…thanks buddy”

Huxley: “And you are the second best hair-cutter in the world…the first place is Edward Scissorhands!”

February 11, 2015 · Laughing so hard this morning.

Finn looks at my leg and says “Mama what’s that?”

Me: That’s a birth mark.

Finn: Oh, it sort of looks like a mustache…or an alien spaceship.

Me: I guess I’ll take the “Alien Spaceship” (because the thought of a hairy patch shaped like a mustache on my leg scares me) LOL

So there you have it. Leave it to Facebook to sum up what my life is like as a Mom.  Obviously my kids crack me up every…single…day.  My kids are a unique bunch of individuals and it takes a special set of parents to raise them. Thank you God for giving us these beautiful children, motherhood wouldn’t be the same without them.

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Floral Kimono


I love finding beautiful clothes online.

This floral kimono is just adorable!

IMG_0196 IMG_0220 IMG_0203

I found this beauty via Instagram at Just Jules.


IMG_0168 IMG_0234 IMG_0232 IMG_0212 IMG_0200 IMG_0199

Besides the colors, floral print, fringe and other amazing attributes of this kimono…

I love the price!!!  $24

To find more cute clothes at affordable prices check out Just Jules!

Mommy and Me Photos!


These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t found time to post a blog until now.

I love them all!

Essie cracks me up with her facial expressions!

IMG_9507 IMG_9511 IMG_9528 IMG_9487

Seriously this girl make me laugh so much!

IMG_9452 IMG_9478 IMG_9479

Some days I just have to remember how quickly she will grow up

and continue to treasure these moments as they happen!

Headbands by Voyaging Soul on Etsy!

Autumn Bug A Bow on Etsy


Because Essie is so photogenic, she has become a Brand Rep for a number of online shops!

It’s been fun to “meet” these fabulous shop owners and help support small businesses!

IMG_8610 IMG_8600 IMG_8617

When we found out that Essie would be lucky enough to rep the Etsy Shop “AutumnBugABow”,

I knew we would have a blast taking photos and styling!

You ALL know how I love Target, Ross, TJ Maxx and all those department stores that give us great deals,

but there is something so special about supporting a small business.

If I can find adorable clothes at a reasonable price AND help support a stay at home Mom…

I’m all FOR IT!

IMG_8700 IMG_8681


So don’t wait for me to post more pictures of Essie modeling her adorable items…

Go check out Autumn Bug A Bow on Etsy now!

IMG_8736 IMG_8706 IMG_8658

Is anyone else hungry for Watermelon!  :)

Check out the “goods” below and then go ahead and try not to buy something!

I dare ya!  :)

View Bows by AutumnBugABow on Etsy - Google Chrome 362015 61602 PM View HeadWraps by AutumnBugABow on Etsy - Google Chrome 362015 61612 PM View Skirts by AutumnBugABow on Etsy - Google Chrome 362015 61544 PM

View Leggings by AutumnBugABow on Etsy - Google Chrome 362015 61537 PM View Infinity Scarfs by AutumnBugABow on Etsy - Google Chrome 362015 61552 PM View Garland by AutumnBugABow on Etsy - Google Chrome 362015 61618 PM View Apparel by AutumnBugABow on Etsy - Google Chrome 362015 61556 PM

See what I mean…?

SUPER affordable!



(Someone with an infant or toddler PLEASE buy one of the adorable bloomers or rompers!)

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The Adorable Stylings of Lynlee and Essie!

I’ve come to the conclusion

that there are very few things in life more adorable than

4 yr old BFF’s.

IMG_8177 IMG_8201

I just simply can’t get enough of these two!


they fight…

they bicker..

and boss each other around…


IMG_8203 IMG_8192

but there is something so simple and genuine about a child’s friendship!

They haven’t learned how to gossip…

or compete for the boys…

they don’t care about their figures…

and the world hasn’t corrupted their minds with

what they “should” look like!

IMG_8170 IMG_8202

They just know they like each other

and that itself is enough.

Don’t you wish we were all this simple-minded!

I really love these little ladies!


Adventure at Fort Worden (Port Townsend)

IMG_7016 Fort Worden (Port Townsend, Wa)

A photographers dream!


Such a beautiful…creepy place full of history!

Walking through the crazy dark bunkers and tunnels can be very eerie!


IMG_7097 IMG_6977


Thankfully Essie had a flash light handy!🙂

IMG_7057 IMG_7017 IMG_7015

These kids are seriously too cute!

Anyway back to Fort Worden…

it’s definitely a very cool place to check out!

You might even run into some “zombies”….


Kids can make great shadows…

IMG_7038 IMG_7040


Huxley can get REALLY dirty and end up taking his shirt off…


And naturally…he will begin doing karate!


A mix of army bunkers…


weird tunnels…stairs and ladders

…make for a fun adventure!


IMG_7006 IMG_7034 IMG_7082

A little “Karate Kid” action!

IMG_7109 IMG_7113 IMG_7121 IMG_7132

And some relaxing meditation?IMG_7139

Seriously…Good Times!


Elf? Hobbit? Forest Maiden? or just Creepy?

Picture yourself walking through the forest.

It’s quiet…

the birds are chirping…

green trees and the beauty of nature is abundant…

you are experiencing pure peace and tranquility.

But out of the corner of your eye you see something out-of-place…

What could it be?

Is it an elf?

A hobbit?

A forest maiden?


There seems to be a weird girl with pink hair and a dress

standing in the forest…

Yes…I said “standing”…

DSC_6485 DSC_6456

What the heck is this girl doing out here?

It’s cold darn it…

 Is she doing a balance beam routine on a log?


Seriously…what is she looking at?




She saw us!



She definitely saw us!

Is this creepy to anyone else?


Okay… what the heck is she going to do with those leaves?

…She is gathering leaves! …

DSC_6545 DSC_6546 DSC_6548 DSC_6549


She is throwing the leaves in the air?

This is weird!


Alright this is closes thing I’ve seen to a normal emotion

from this so-called “Forest Maiden!”

I think it’s time to get out of the creepy forest!  :)

(This post was made possible by the fabulous photography from Susan Huff)

(And if you can’t tell…we had a blast!!!)

Style Me February Instagram Challenge! @HilaryRushford

IMG_7235I’m currently participating in a fun “Closet & Instagram Challenge” on IG!

It’s called “Style Me February”

check it out @HilaryRushford on Instagram!

Fullscreen capture 252015 84431 AM

The concept is simple!

Follow the list of items that are featured each day

and post a photo with the hashtag #StyleMeFeb.

It is super fun to see how many people are posting and what they choose to wear.

If you can’t do it everyday it’s no big deal, just join in when you can!

Today’s challenge was a Darling Dress!

Isn’t this a fun twist on leopard print?


IMG_5593 IMG_5609 IMG_5603

Make February a month of style!

Whether you decide to join the IG fun or simply try new ideas from your closet,

it’s sure to be a  “Fashionable February!”